English to Continental - when will it feel good? what r u?

I knit English for like 3 days before someone told me about continental; I’m a crocheter originally and it made sence to hold the yarn that way. I can’t imagine knitting otherwise. :slight_smile:

I first tried to learn English from a book and just got tangled up and confused. I came online to find videos and ended up at KH. (Hallelujah!) Since Amy described conti as her preferred method, I thought I’d try that first. It felt comfortable (especially since my Grandma taught me to do a little crochet when I was a kid), so I ran with it since I didn’t want to confuse myself with two different methods right away. Well, it’s 5 mos. later and I haven’t looked back. At some point I will probably try English just to see what it’s like, but lately I’ve been experimenting with combined knitting to help with my uneven knit/purl tension.

Has anyone ever tried right-handed knitting? I just borrowed Principles of Knitting by June Hiatt from the library and that’s what she advocates. I’ve only skimmed through a little bit, but her method seems different from either English or conti.

Well, last night I finally tried to knit a bit with the combination method. I couldn’t get the hang of it, I believe that I will be a conti knitter forever :smiley: