English speaking Knitters in Italy?

I’m going to be spending 6 months there as of next week.

Any Italian knitters on here?

I am italian, I live in the USA right now but was born and lived there for 37 years. If you need any help, I am here.
My suggestion is to bring your needles with you as I find out that we (italian) knit on longer knitting needles than the americans and I am assuming also from your country. So if you are used to use yours bring them with you. The italian needles are long 38 cm. (15 inches). You will not find shorter needles there and we also knit holding our needle differently, nothing to do with continental style though. Most of us hold their needles under the underarms working on the very tip of the needles. Yes, this catch the attention of many knitters here. I had so much trouble here in the States when I needed a new pair of needles (always too short for me) that at a one of my trip to Italy I bought ALL of the sizes avalable there and now I don’t need to worry anymore:woohoo:
Good luck.

This thread is over a year old so I think she’s probably back now. :wink: