English or Continental?

Now that I get Knitty Gritty on HGtv, I watched someone knitting the continental way and wondered if it would be as easy as English method. Has anyone switched or tried the opposite way of knitting than you normally do and find it harder, easier, or about the same?

I learned to knit the continental way and I don’t want to change!! IT looks like it takes so much “extra time” to wrap the yarn over the English way. :happydance:

I’ve tried to switch to continental several times, and I just can’t get it. I finally decided that I’m a thrower, and I just have to accept it. :teehee:

I knit continental and cannot knit English even though I have tried!

I started continental and switched to english.

I knit English but when I took a sock class, the instructor knit Continental and was so fast! I tried it and I do like it but old habits are hard to change. I guess I am a thrower most of the time.

I learned English when I was 14 and recently decided to try Continental. I know how to do it, it just goes VERY slow for me. So I gave up on it.

I know English but want to switch to Continental as apparently it’s faster. Just bought some thick white wool to make garter stitch scarf to start with. Find the purl especially awkward but I think practice will change that. Remember how awkward you were the first time you knitted! It took a long time to get comfortable with the stitches. Persist and it will work out.


I tried to learn English and thank goodness I found Amy’s continental videos, or I doubt I would have stuck with knitting. (Perish the thought!) English was so hard for me. I do still want to become proficient at it someday, though, so I can knit fair isle with one color in each hand. :smiley:

I always tell people who are struggling to learn one way to try the other…you just never know what’s going to make it “click.” :shrug:

I learned English and decided to switch only a few weeks ago. It was slower at first, but practice made it come faster and now I knit far, FAR faster in continental than I ever did in English. It’s more fun, too! I’m sold!

i’ve always meant to try continental, but never quite got around to it…

I learned English as a child and also here and there as an adult. After many years, I picked up the needles again and found I was having trouble with my tension. My yarn just wasn’t flowing. So, I tried continental and after pratice I found the yarn was flowing better continental and the tension was better. But, it was a back and forth for awhile until I’m now just continental. I can do either really. But, I do think a person just has to become comfortable with the style there are better at. I have seen some people that knit very fast using the English method.

It’s not speed it’s the end result! :smiley:

I was taught throwing…

I truly think it’s the main reason I never got back to knitting sooner…

Now I’m a picker and I knit so fast compared to my mum… :slight_smile:

I think so for me too. I think that it takes more time and “work” to throw the yarn, but I just can’t seem to knit continental. I’ll keep trying, though!

I’ve tried continental but can’t do it for more than 10 stitches at a time. I think I am an ‘extreme English’ because my right hand actually leaves the needle to throw the yarn. I cannot for the life of me hold my needles like Amy does in her videos - my index fingers have to be holding the needle - Amy has the yarn over her index finger and holds the needle with her middle finger :?? tried many times but :shrug:

Maybe I will try again…

I’m an english knitter and although I really want to try continental I haven’t found the courage to do so. I’m really proud of my tension, because it’s always the same, even when I don’t knit for a couple of months, and I’m afraid that will change if I switch to continental. But I do want to learn it, because it looks easy to knit with both hands when you do fair isle. (the only thing I haven’t tried yet)

I have done both. I learned knitting the English way. However, I am a crocheter so my instructor thought it might be easier for me to knit Continental. I find that my tension is a lot tighter with Continental which a lot of times throws off my guage. I have more control when I knit English. So my preference is English but I can do both. The Continental is a little faster for me.

I knit English. I’ve tried continental but I feel like a beginner all over again so I go back. I really like knitting English and I suppose that’s what it’s all about.

I always thought I was a Continental Knitter, but found out this morning I am a left handed english Knitter.


I’m so confoozled!

I learned here from Amy’s videos. Since her preferred method was continental, I decided to try it first. I still haven’t gotten around to trying Engish. :wink: