English or Continental - what's your preference?

When I taught myself to knit via KH last summer (thanks :muah: ) I learned the English or throw method. I got purty good at it, too. BUT, for various reasons (I find ribbing a PITA this way, I’d love to dive into stranded knitting, speed baby speed) I’m now learning Continental. Ribbing is a BREEZE It made me curious to what everyone here prefers.

I learned to knit English when I was a kid, but recently started doing Continental and have found it to be much more efficient. I’ve been practicing, but it’s frustrating at times since I’m not proficient yet and I lose patience with myself. Eventually I would love to able to knit both ways with ease.

I knit English- but I don’t even know how to knit Continental, so I’m sort of biased.

Me, too. I want to learn to controll my tension w/ my left hand so I can do two color knitting with one yarn in each hand. [U]Very hard[/U] for me.

I prefer to do English method. I have more control with the purls and my yarn tension is easier for me. I’ve seen people do it by letting go of the right needle and wrap the yarn round. I don’t let go. I just use a [I]slight[/I] dip w/ my left hand to get the old stitch in place and then at the same time, use my right index finger to slip the new stitch on the right needle.

I voted wrong. I’m a continental knitter.

i knit english, but i do know continental. (not real good at it YET)

I knit combined and purl continental, except I kinda throw with the left hand. shrugs I have my own little way of doing things :stuck_out_tongue:

I knit conti I tried to knit english first but couldn’t get it.

I am slowly learning continental. I am so extremely intimidated by knitting though, so keep going back to my numerous crochet WIPs. I tried english before and it was horrid since I’m used to having the yarn in my left hand with crocheting, and continental so far feels better (I can do the knit stitch). Don’t know if I’ll ever conquer my fear of knitting though.

I learned to crochet very young and cannot hold my yarn in the right hand.

I can’t say that I have a preference; since I only know how to knit English. I would like to learn Continental, if just to compare styles. I would also like to try Combination knitting (but that is probably just a pipe dream). Like Maniago I learned how to crochet before I learned how to knit; strangely though I am more comfortable holding the yarn in my right than left hand, but then again I am right hand dominant. :eyes: :zombie:

I’ve beenn knitting English for 45 years. I want to try Continental, but I’m waiting 'till I start a new project so my tension won’t change.

Same here. Yarn in the right hand is soooo wrong because of crochet (plus I have to change my couch around to put the yarn on my other side).

The first place I went to had English and that swatch got thrown a few times.

I learned with Combined (with the help of KH) and quickly went to Continental.

This is interesting. Quite a few of you have said since you learned to crochet first, knitting continental just felt more natural. I’ve had the reverse so far. I learned knitting English and when I tried to crochet, I couldn’t do it for the life of me since I was so used to holding the yarn in my right hand. Hopefully now that I’m getting the hang of continental I’ll be able to crochet, too.

I crocheted long before I knit, but holding the yarn continental feels awkward for me. :shrug:

I always say do what works for you. One way is NOT better than another.

It took me a long time to learn both…heh heh heh. :aww: I started with English but got frustrated since it seems to take SO long to rib knit, so I persevered with Continental and now vastly prefer Continental.

learned to knit continental because I am left handed and it just made more sense! Cant even see how you could knit with the yarn in your right hand!! Would be interesting to learn!

taught myself the English method years ago,but my daughter taught herself continental and persuaded me to try it. now i alternate between the two, as each one uses different hand positions, and it rests my hands to sometimes use English and sometimes continental–still have trouble in continental with ki, pi ribbing, especially using small (sock)yarn,but am improving with practice. knowing how to use both is probably a good idea, so if you find it difficult,just keep practicing, and it should become easier to do. linknit41

I tried knitting English when I was teaching myself and it was one of the least comfortable things I tried. I switched to Continental and haven’t had any more problems.

I just decided to try to knit continental for this new project…I should finish by Christmas and learn some new swear words. Grr…