English Knitting Book (Sardi?)

Well I went to my first knitting group today at my local library and a women there was just finishing up a sweater that she said was a Sardi?? or something like that I didn’t write it down so I’m not sure but the sweater was for a child and it was beautiful all eyelets and swirls and such. Does anyone know what the name of this really is; it is supposed to be English ie U.K.
Thanks :hug:

are you sure she didn’t say it was a cardi? Cardi is short for cardigan here in blightyland.

No it definately started with an S and it was a style of knitting.

My thought was cardi, too…I’m afraid I’m at a loss, sorry, but, I am very curious now, I really want to know!

Maybe she meant that the booklet came from Sirdar, a company that produces yarns?

I think you are right, I went to the site above and found this sweater it looks to be the one!! Isn’t it lovely!! Thanks a bunch!!!

That is adorable!!!

And, you’re most welcome.