Ends Pulled To Tight

I’m currently working on an afghan for our family room, but I’ve run into a snag. My 20 month old son got a hold of my project and pulled the two yarn tails where my first and second ball of yarn meet. So now, it looks like I’m missing a small section of the row. Can this be fixed? It’s only a small section, but I don’t want to mess around with it and end up making it worse.

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How far back is it? I guess the pattern you’re working would have to be considered also and did you join the new yarn at the edge or in the middle of a row. I’d have to visit the frog pond, I hope someone else has a better solution for you.

Can you post a picture?

I’m almost done the pattern. The part that got pulled was in the middle of the blanket. And the yarn end was at the end of the row. I’ve learned now to weave my ends in before moving on. It’s a simple pattern. Knit every row. Change the color a few times. For some reason it wont let me upload a picture of it. The pattern is “Chocolate and Raspberry” Blanket by Bernat.

Try putting in a picture now. I think you have to have more than one post before you can insert photos.

Is there a loop of yarn in the middle where it was pulled? You can move the yarn back into the stitches on either side of the snag - they’ll be a lot smaller than they should be because the pull took the extra yarn from them. Same thing if one of the ends was pulled out, work the tail back into the stitches to the side of it.

Pull some of the extra yarn that is now in the tail into the nearest st. Then keep working that extra yarn along the row to redistribute it where it was pulled. it’s the same thing you would do to fix a snag. It doesn’t matter if the sts end up a little looser than they shoujd be, you can tug the blanket widthwise and lengthwise to even them out.

Thank you so much salmonmac! It’s my first blanket, and I’ve spent so much time on it and was disappointed that it got ruined. I’ve never run into the problem with scarves and stuff. It worked and you can’t even tell that anything happened.