Endpaper Mitts

Eunny Jang’s pattern.
These are for my cousin Kaela, I finished them up today. They look nice after blocking. This is the first time I’ve ever done colorwork. It was fun! It makes for a deceptively complicated looking FO :teehee:
The inside:

The outside:

On some hands (my cousin has smaller hands than me):

:woot: They turned out awesome!! She will love them!!


Wow… nothing deceptive about those, that looks like complicated work to me… Lovely knitting!!!

They are beautiful - you really did some outstanding knitting there!

:passedout: beautiful!

sooo cute!!

I am in awe! :passedout: What wonderful work, inside and out!

Me needs to grow up to be like you! Way to go!

Thanks for sharing both sides! :thumbsup:

WOW! they are stunning!!!

WOW!!! Easy huh? Guess I’llhave to take your word for that. I’m like ArtLady1981 … I wanna be like you when I grow up! They are incredible!

How attractive, you did a wonderful job. I like Eunny Jang’s patterns (impressive, yet not as difficult as it seems).

OMG! ArtLady just said that to me???

I’ve seen your amazing work!! :teehee:
I’m working on a second pair for a different cousin, they’re addicting!

What beautiful work x

Wow! Those look great!!! [I](Must try colorwork… someday!)[/I]

They’re beautiful! I can’t believe it’s your first colorwork project!


Wow…beautiful work!! :inlove:

Utterly GORGEOUS!!! & Perfect!!!:notworthy:

I just did[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][U] my first colorwork[/U][/COLOR] sample so I can appreciate what you’ve done!!! :smiley:

:thud: WOW that is AMAZING!!!

Hama, when you’re done with the 2nd pair, just cast on for a 3rd pair – for ME!

Wowsa! I would buy those from you, my dear.

You’ve come a long way, baby! :thumbsup: