Endpaper Madness!--UPDATE--2nd pair complete!

Woo! I started a second pair in black and white for another cousin. My colorwork already looks so much better, more even…and my increases are neater looking. Hooray! I knit the first one in about a day and a half…and I’m almost done with the first pattern repeat in the second one.

Oh yeah…these ones are shorter! I’m only doing two pattern repeats before starting the thumb gussets, and I started the ribbing immediately after the thumb. I like the fit of these shorter ones better. :thumbsup:

:happydance: love the white and black!!

Those look real pretty.

Nice. Basic black and white always a classic.

Nice contrast! :thumbsup:

I love that pattern, and you’ve done a great job with it. Love the black and white.

Well I finished this pair! I’m very happy with them and I think my cousin will like them. My other cousin (who received the grey and white pair) hasn’t taken them off since ChristmasEve! She loves them, I’m so happy. She even wants another pair in brown. And another cousin is begging for a pair as well.
I’m not sure how many of these I’ll actually make–but it is a great little pattern, quick and interesting with a great “wow!” factor. I’ve gifted other items that were much more complicated, took more time and were more difficult but THIS pattern is the one that got all the attention! :mrgreen:

(pic is a little blurry, but in person the contrast is very sharp)

Wow! I can’t believe you finished another pair. They look great!:cheering:

They look great.

You work is lovely…the black and white is very striking x

Jeez, you are a real speed demon.

they look awesome! i love it with the high contrast. i might have to make these now…

Those look great Hama!!! Impressive!

These look great! It’s wonderful that the recipients are so appreciative too.

HamaLee: Maybe I missed it somewhere, but have you resolved the hole issue? These look great! So pretty and they do look incredibly complicated. :notworthy: :notworthy:

Is this pattern available somewhere? I really love these!

Nice job. I like the colors. It looks complicated and you did it in such a short time!! I’m impressed!

Those are really eyecatching. No wonder everyone you made them for and everyone who sees them wants a pair. Beautiful!!

I did, thank you!
And cmhoover1 that pattern is on Eunny Jang’s blog www.eunnyjang.com; look in the right hand sidebar under “gratis” patterns.

Oh, those are just gorgeous!!