Ending on WS - which side?

I’ve just begun knitting for a few weeks. I’ve run across “ending with a WS row”. My understanding is that the wrong side (as in the stockinette stitch), is the side that is the “inside” of our sweater - the side that doesn’t show.

What I’m confused about is “ending with a WS” - does that mean I just finished knitting the wrongside and so I’ll begin on the right side? Or, does it mean that I’m just finished with the right side and now will begin on the wrong side.

I’ve been assuming that “ending with a WS row”, I finished knitting ont he wrong side and so will begin on the right side (in the case of st st, I will be knitting the next row, as opposed to purling the next row).

I just “understood” this also. When it says “end with WS row”. It DOES mean you knit the wrong side row. So think of it as saying “end knitting a wrong side row”. That helped me a lot!! :XX: :XX:

The wrong side is considered the side that will not be “public”. I look at it as the BEST side is the Right side. Hope that helps too. :happydance:

If you’re ever in doubt about this, just look at what they want you to do on the next row, since patterns often phrase this differently. They really need to get on the same page!! :wink: