Ending ON ws row or WITH ws row

Is there a difference between “ending ON a ws row” and “ending WITH a ws row” pattern is using both and I am confused.

I usually see “ending with a ws row” meaning the next row is a RS row. I’m not sure that there’s a difference between the use of “on” and “with” here but see if you can tell from the directions that follow.
What pattern are you making? Can you give us a link or a pattern name (not a large portion of the pattern as that causes copyright problems)?

It is a scarf by Shibui Knits. The scarf is named Facade. Here is a photo of part of the pattern

Yes, they use “on” and “with” interchangeably. In all cases they want you to end having completed a WS row, ready to begin a RS row.
Good of you to notice the subtle difference in phrasing.