Ending on/with

Ive been crocheting since i was knee high to a grasshopper, only knitting for a little over 2 years. I became obsessed with knitting and now dont do much crocheting. Ive often put a crochet edging on the occational knit piece. Its very pretty.
But thats not why i brought you here…lol

I want to start a conversation about this direction in knitting “ending with” or “ending on”.

Ive seen it in crochet but not as bad as i do in knitting.

A) what does the designer mean? when im done with that row? or before i start it?
B) Why dont they use a more clear direction like…“after your done with” or " before you start" It would clear up alot of “I need to look ahead and figure out what the H*** im supposed to do here.”

KUDOS to the few pattern writers ive come across that do use the clearer directions mentioned in (B)!!! THANK YOU!!! :muah:

I would like to know your alls take on this subject.

I find “ending with” or “ending on” to be very clear. It means do whatever you’re doing and end with whatever the direction is.

In other words “ending on a WS row” would mean the “end” or the last thing you do for that instruction/pattern section is a wrong side row. “Ending with a wrong side row” would mean the same thing. The “end” or last thing you do is a wrong side row. There’s no reason to think it would be “before you start” or anything other thing, IMHO.

Once you’ve ended however it says to end, you are ready to turn your work and begin the next set of instructions.

Hope that helps.