End stitch came off

Help please. I’m a new knitter and the last stitch is a loop and the stitch to the left of it has the working yarn. How to I work that end loop back into a stitch so the yarn is on the last stitch of the row? Thanks.


Move that last stitch onto your empty needle and put that in your left hand, the needle with all the other stitches will be in your right hand. Work that last stitch as you would for the end of any other row.

Thanks…however, (and please forgive me if I’m confused because believe me I am) the extra loop in on my left needle - the very last stitch where I should be starting to move them onto my right needle.


Yes, but you want to knit that last stitch before you turn and start a new row. So hold the “full” needle in your RIGHT hand. Slip that ONE stitch to an empty needle in your left hand. Now, it is just like you knit everything but that last stitch. Knit it. Now turn and start your next row! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll try it this way tonight.