End RS facing, again

I wrote before asking about ending with RS facing and was cleared up on that but now I want to be sure before binding off.
Have done st st for 13 inches and now it says ending with RS facing. BO.

When I did the CO and then began the sweater doing garter st, it said note first row is WS. So in my confused brain, I am thinking I should begin the BO on the RS since the CO must have been the RS? Please tell me I am getting this though my thick head?


The CO is not the first row, it just puts the first set of loops on your needle. So finish a RS row, then BO. If this is garter st, knit every row, it won’t really matter though.

It was st st that I finished and then it says ending with RS facing BO. That is what I was unsure of, end with a WS and then BO of do end a RS and BO or does it matter since I will be seaming it when finished.

More to this problem. To finish the sweater, it says sew shoulder seams, sew in sleeves, sew sides. Then the neck band says with RS facing, pick up and knit, part of this I will be picking up sts from the back which I had the question about the BO about. I was doing st st just before the BO and it says "ending RS facing. BO If I end on the WS and then BO with the RS I think that would work because the RS rows were K rows so I would BO with a knit. One of these days I will understand this I pray.

It may not matter if you’re sewing up the BO to the other edge.