End on WS?

Every time I get here, my brain second guesses itself…

to “end on WS”, do I knit that WS row?

(I searched the forums with no results, but know this is asked all the time…would it make sense to put it in the glossary?)

thanks for helping my brain!

Nevermind!! See? GinaV just posted this same question a few posts ago and I missed it when I was scanning…sheesh!

I would usually knit across the wrong side row, does the next line of the instructions give any indication ??

in this case it’s for a charity blanket I’m working and another person will pick up where I left off. I’ve done it a couple of times, but everytime I get there I hesitate!

I will knit this last WS row, then the next person will start up on the RS. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s right, you will have finished working the WS row.

What confuses me is patterns that say `end with WS facing’. I don’t understand if you’ve just finished the WS row or about to start it…

Bethany, you’re not alone, that confused me for a long time. It does mean to knit the WS (wrong side) row in preparation for the next instructions, which will start with the right side.

I guess those of us who don’t have grandmothers or mothers that taught us all this stuff just have to work a bit harder.:zombie: It quite often takes me awhile to get that expression off of my face.