End on the RS?

when my pattern says to:
St st to 25 "
End on the RS.
Knit 16 rows, end on RS.
p 1 row, knit 1 row, p 1 row, end on WS.

Does this mean I should end finishing my RS knit row and be ready to knit 16 rows starting on my purl side or the other way around?

If it says end on RS, then that’s the last row you knit. Then you start knitting the first of the knit rows, which will start on the purl side.

There aren’t any WS rows when you knit in the round unless there’s a section you knit back and forth. But using circular needles doesn’t mean you’re working in the round unless you join the sts; you can work in rows just like straights and the circs are just to hold a large number of stitches or for flexibilty. What’s your pattern?

so I’m guessing that ending with a RS row means the last thing I did was knit, and now I’ll be purling?

Yep, end with “RS row” means you just finished it and the next row will be a WS row. Sometimes it’s worded oddly and you can look to the next instructions to see which is what.

Yes, continue purling to the end of the row. The bound off sts sound like they’re for the underarms and will divide the sweater into 3 sections - 2 fronts and the back. Then put all those sts on a holder, or another circular needle if you have one.

Now you’re going to CO to make the sleeves, but they’re separate from the sweater so you use a new yarn end; when they’re done you’ll join the sleeves to the sweater body. Don’t worry about that part yet, just do the sleeves, then we’ll be here to help you when you need it.

The ‘turning ridge’ is a purl row on the RS where you turn up the first few rows for a hem. Keep going with the same yarn, and apparently you switch to another needle.