End of the string

fiddles with ball of yarn hrrrrmmmm well? finds one end of the string outside of the ball of yarn pokes a finger through the middle of the ball of yarn… wiggles finger around feels around for the 2nd end of the string hrmm nope…
:thinking: gently tugs middle of yarn till entire middle falls out on the floor :shock:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! not again!

Is there some trick to finding the end of the string in a new ball of yarn? :rollseyes:

ugh, yeah only buying hanks. i hate that splat that comes out and i always end up rewinding skeins because of that very issue. very annoying to me too!

I’ve never had this problem except with one skein of “high quality” yarn.
:rollseyes: Yeah, whatever, if the product ain’t worth the trouble of trying to use it then you can just kiss my business good bye!

But none of my Red Heart or other Wally World yarns have been troublesome. I heart them. <3

I just always knit from the outside of the ball.

That ‘splat’ has a name–yarn vomit! On one end of the skein, there’s usually a string that’s tucked in. Try to reach on the other end to find an end. Sometimes you get a big blob and sometimes you get a little blob. I just wrap it around the skein and eventually have it pull from the middle.

I was told this little trick if ya hold the skein so that you can read the label your suppose to be able to pull the loose piece out of the bottom… suppose to be… I hate the mess in the middle :rollseyes:

I have more trouble with yarns from my LYS than reg. stores that carry yarn :thinking:

Yarn vomit :roflhard:

Thanks everyone for answers :smiley:

When I buy yarn, I always make sure they have ‘pookers’. That is what the man I work w/who crochets calls the string poking out the end! However, Paton’s Allure, which I love for scarves, has no pookers, thus I end up w/yarn vomit too!!!