End of summer paradigm shift

I have decided to put summer WIPs into long-term storage and shift all focus to Christmas gifts and winter garments for myself.

I have too many WIPs! I have too many UFOs! I have too much yarn! I have too many ideas for things I absolutely must knit before I die! What’s wrong with me?!?!

Hmmm, seems normal to me…

Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. :??


you’re looking at it from everyone else’s perspective. (everyone else being non-knitters) you’re the normal one, just like the rest of us! :hug:


What is this language you speak? :?? I have no comprehension of the term “too much yarn.” :teehee:

Whatever is wrong with you, I’ve got it, too. :hug:Bad. :rofl:

ditto. anyone who thinks you have too many wip’s obviously isn’t in their right mind.

complete validation and enabling of whatever neuropsychopathic mechanism causes me to want to knit to the exclusion of almost everything else


I actually did the same thing a few weeks ago, took all my wips and brought them to the yarn boutique in my closet and switched out for christmas projects. It actually worked for me. I have 2 projects done and another otn!:blooby:

I just listened to a podcast “It’s a purl, man” and he reminded his listeners to “stir the stash”, i.e., get the yarn out and give it some air and light and examine it for evidence of moths. I do have some that I’ve had long enough to worry about…especially since we just moved into a 97 year old house. I will be putting some into the freezer for a few days.