End of row slip-stiching causing problem

I am using a worsted weight wool yarn to make a small pouch for a memory stick. I saw fancy one for sale and figured I could knit something similar. The pattern I came up with is as follows:

CO 5 sts. Knit (about) 10 rows, or until work is slightly longer than memory stick. CO 5 stitches at beginng of next row. Switch to DPNs and join into the round, work (about) 10 rounds. Do not cast off, but re-arrange stiches so that the “original” five stiches are on one needle and the remaining five on another. Join with kitchener’s.

The whole thing is then felted. I made one already, but I used 7 stitches and it turned out too big. I wasn’t sure how much it was going to shrink, so I made it too big. ANYWAY, now I’m working on the second one, and I’m encountering a problem.

As I said, worsted wool yarn, 10.5 needles. I slip the last stitch of each row. When looking at RS, the edge on the right looks good, but on the left, the second-to-last stitch is too big… I will try to demonstrate…


Rather than this:


Which seems to be the problem most people have. I have not encountered this problem working with larger yarn and needles. Any tips?

:thinking: If you slipping the last stitch as if to knit? If that’s the case, it could be twisting the stitch and making it tighter. Just a guess. I usually slip the first stitch as if to purl, if that makes any difference.

Hm, I have tried it both ways, but for some reason I decided knitwise looked better. Does it make a difference whether I slip the first or the last? I guess they should have the same effect, since they would both get knitted on the next row…

That’s true, first and last are the same. I really don’t know why your second stitch would be wonky though. :??