End of first skein, how to keep going with second?

Okay. Now that I have my knits and purls figured out, I am making an easy pattern. 108 cast on, 3 knit, 3 purl all the way through.

I am approaching the end of the first skein of my multicolored worsted weight 100% wool yarn. Is there anything special I need to do in order to keep going with the second skein, or do I just kinda start using the second skein as my working yarn when I reach the end of the first?

If it’s necessary to know, I have maybe two or three rows left of the first skein. It’ll come out measuring about 14 inches, which is very close to right for a 30 inch blanket. The pattern did say it would use two skeins, so I must be doing something right! :thumbsup:

I can’t wait to get this blanket done! There are a few errors here and there, but they’re ones I can live with and don’t interfere with the overall pattern too much. Next time I’ll try to avoid those same mistakes.

If your multicolored yarn forms strips or specific patterns I’d try to match up the sections then start in at the portion that matches so the strips/patterns don’t mismatch. If it’s a sort of misc pattern I’d just continue until I had a few inches left of the first skein and then start with the second. Leaving tails to weave in later.

just to start a second skein there are several ways (the color question is already answered so I skip that)

you can just start the new skein and leave to ends to weave in.
depending on what you do you can find a great spot to do that weaving. If you sew things together, you best place that spot on a side that you sew in the end.
it the sides are very visible though you may want to have it further in. in your pattern I would put the spot somewhere to a devider of knit and purl because the fabric is not flat there, anyways and weaving will show the least.

you can also knit one or more stitches with both strands, if you think that that will be invisible enough (thick wool will really make this show, though). then you have less tight weaving to do in the end.

with real wool I have heard that some people felt the strings together and then do not weave in at all, of course. I unfortunately have never done it but listed it in my brain somewhere for when I will need to search for instruction :smiley:

Happy knitting! :knitting:

Great suggestions, ladies!


I found the videos — they were hidden under “Tips.” This is 100% wool, but I think knitting the skeins together partway through a row is the best way to go.

The yarn doesn’t appear to make a particular stripe or pattern with the k3, p3 repetition. Overall, though, the multicolored yarn leaves a really gorgeous spattering throughout. But I’ll remember matching up the colors if I do another pattern with a similar yarn where that might be a concern.