Encore yarn

I’m working on an afghan for my daughter and in the process noticed that all of the brown yarn I’m using has several splices in the yarn. Not knots like I’ve encountered before, just one ply in the yarn and it’s not easy to see when crocheting, but very noticeable after the fact. I’ve had to rip several rows out, cut the yarn and restart more than once. :grrr: There is just a little fuzzy place in the yarn that sticks out and is very annoying.
Has any one else had this problem?

I was doing something with Encore recently and ran into a splice like this. It didn’t really cause me a problem because it turned out to be in a place where it wasn’t obvious. Wendy said “We can fix that” but to date hasn’t given me any details on how. And anyway, that’s what she [I]always[/I] says. And she [I]can[/I] “fix that” – or just about anything else. So when/if we get around to fixing it I’ll let you know how we did it and how well it worked. My project isn’t crocheted though, so the technique may not be transferable.

I use Encore a lot and haven’t noticed this being a problem. I guess I’ve noticed a fuzzy spot now and then, but it’s not all the time and I don’t think in an overall pattern it’s an issue especially with dark yarn. :??

This post is making me nervous. I’m saving to buy a needle kit and so I need cheap projects. I had been planning to rely on Encore for a while. Is this a bad plan?

I haven’t had any problems with any other Encore yarn I’ve used, just this one, Encore Tweed color 599 which is a dark brown. I am also using an off white tweed and that one hasn’t been a problem.
Generally Encore is a decent yarn. Most LYS will refund you or store credit if something is wrong with the yarn, my store has a 90 day policy. I’ve had this yarn for over a year so that wasn’t an option.

The encore I’ve worked with is fine - all yarns will have an occasional bad skein, doesn’t mean the entire line is substandard.

Not at all. Even if you DO have to cut out a few fuzzy spots, Encore is a perfectly good yarn. And I should hasten to add that I’m [I]not[/I] saying that you [I]will[/I] have to work around this, just that even if you did it’s still a perfectly serviceable yarn. I’m a big fan of Plymouth’s products, and Encore is a great value.

Since I’m crocheting this one and it’s done with a large hook and 2 strands of yarn it shows up more than it probably would with a knitted pattern that was less open. The brown section, Encore Tweed is all done in puff stitches with a chain in between so the “fuzzy” part shows up more on the puff stitch.
The other yarn, also Encore Tweed is an off white/light oatmeal color and I haven’t seen any of the “fuzzy” part on those skeins.

Not at all. I use it a lot for charity projects and love it. It sounds like is isn’t a common problem and in many projects it wouldn’t show.

@ABC’smom - glad to hear its not on your other skein. It must be a random one and the problem was exacerbated by the method.

Thanks all! :grphug:
Glad I don’t have to start searching again. I am going to knit one sweater in Knitpicks Brava Bulky, just because it is so cheap, but I’m not sure yet that Brava is a long-haul yarn.
Speaking of inexpensive yarn, has Wool-ease always been over $6 a skein? I seemed to remember Encore as the more expensive of the two, now its cheaper at my LYS. Of course, I haven’t actually bought any Wool-ease in a few years, not since I discovered my LYS and Ravelry.

Prices on most yarns have gone up a lot in the last few years. I’ve seen WE in craft and fabric stores, not yarn shops; because of the volume it’s probably cheaper there, or on sale frequently.