Encore vs Wool Ease

Which do you like better, if you have used it, Plymouth Encore or Lion Brand Wool Ease?

They are very similar. Is one softer? Does one wear better? Does one look nicer out of the wash?

No one around me carries the Plymouth yarns so I can’t compare them in person.

I’ve used both and prefer Encore. It’s somewhat softer and a bit fluffier. I don’t think Woolease is bad, I just think Encore is a tad better.

I like them both about the same.

I like encore better as it’s softer according to the children.

I like Encore better. It’s got more “heft” to it somehow even though they both are worsted. Wool ease feels a little thin to me. I’ve used it though.

I like them both too.

I personally prefer the Encore myself

I prefer Encore also. It has 25% wool and Woolease has only 20% I believe. I found Woolease very splitty and decided not to use it the one time I bought it.