Enchantress by Twisted Sisters

Does anyone have this book? There’s a pattern I am interested in that is in there but I’m not sure I want to spend $22 for the book. What do you do when you want one pattern from a book?

have you checked to see if it is at your library?

hmm, never thought of that. Do they usually carry pattern books at the library?? off to check

They do have knitting books at the library, but I don’t see this one at mine. I also don’t see it on Amazon. You may just have to order it and hope some of the other patterns are good ones.

I usually buy the pattern or book when there is something I just have to have and want to knit. With all the copy right laws and so many people not obeying them, I feel more comfortable just buying it for myself. That keeps the designers happy and me too :happydance: .

well my library doesn’t carry it. I think I want to make the Eve scarf by them with my MMMmmmalabrigo that I have. Do you think that pattern would suit it?

Does your library have inter-library loan with other nearby libraries? I can request almost any knitting book at my library, and if they can’t find it at another library in northern IL, they will buy it. :happydance: