Enchanted Forest pattern question


I’m new to the forum. If anyone has knitted the Enchanted Forest cardigan by DKNY, would you please help me understand how to do the back? The middle chart between the 2 sides starts out with 8 sts and ends up with 34, but the pattern doesn’t show the increases, the st count remains the same. I’m using the pattern in "Vogue Knitting, the Ultimate Knitting Book ". Thank you for any help,


I don’t have the pattern, but when I did a little search, I did see lots of pictures of it. It appears to be a popular pattern, and there have been several Knit-Alongs on it.

The center of the back looks like the tree, which, of course is more than 8 stitches.

Can you elaborate a bit on your problem?

It could be that the bobbles ‘add’ stitches, but since they’re all done in one stitch and then get reduced back to one again, they don’t take up any more space on the chart. Just a possibility.