I was looking at one of the posts, which led to discounted yarns… wheich led to patterns… which led to me buying birthday gifts already for November.

I found some beautiful yarns just following the threads. Then… the patterns, now… I’m sitting here madly finishing up all my projects to get ready for the new influx of yarns & patterns!

I love my lys, but the sales posted here by others are just awesome.

This site rocks… ( my credit card company thanks you):hug:

I was at my LYS today picking up stuff for the summer swap, and one of the people who works there convinced me that I needed some yarn for myself too :slight_smile: There are so many enablers in this world!!

:shifty: Being an enabler relieves some of my guilt.:rofling:

we live to serve

I mean, enable :rofling:.


I’ll be nice and help you out. Just send the yarn to me and you can relax. I’ll deal with all the stress for ya.