Employment Opportunity -- Apply Within

I need to hire someone to do purling for me. laugh Oh my gosh! I know I’m new at knitting – only two scarfs done so far, but I have the HARDEST time purling. Especially that first stitch on the row. I can knit 3 rows in the time it takes me to purl one.

PLEASE PLEASE tell me it gets easier!

It does…it does. Of course, after I finally “got” the hang of it, I was halfway through the wristbands in Stitch N’ B*tch when I realized I had been wrapping the yarn the wrong way. :doh: So half of my star band has a funky, bumpy texture, and the other is smoooooth stockinette. I keep it to remind myself that I was a beginner once, too.

A year and a half later, I don’t even have to look at my hands to make a purl stitch and I purl almost as fast as I knit.

Don’t worry…you’ll get the hang of it. :thumbsup:


Oh ME ME ME!!! I love to purl! I love it more than knit!

I so need $$$ right now, how about 2 pennies per stitch? :smiley: Quite the bargain, as when I was making jewelry I charged 20-25 dollars an hour! lol.

WOOHOO! I tend to knit between 11pm and 3 am. See you here tomorrow. Fastest purler wins.

Purling is just EVIL I tell you.

I’m here, are you? Got your credit card out?

I meant here in Massachusetts. I kept waiting but my doorbell never sounded. hehehe

LOL Oh, well…might have to up my price to suffer the bitter cold of Mass. It was 70s today in SoCal.

You are MEAN! It snowed (lightly but still snow) all day today here. I don’t want to hear about 70 degree temps!



Flappy, I’ve never heard your voice, but I have now heard your evil laugh… :twisted:

Im right outside of Chicago & Im ready for SPRING!!!

Flappy’s going to the beach tommorow…muwahahahahaha!