Empire Waisted Pullover

I’ve been searching the web for a simple pullover that has an empire waist and a bit of a flair.
I want the top part to be just straight knitting… not necessarily tight fitting but having a little give but when I finish the top part… say an inch or so below my breasts, I want there to be more stitches added so I can have it flair out as it goes.
I thought that perhaps I could add some large ribbing there like a 5X7 rib… or something like that so the flaring isn’t so noticable but is certainly there.
I’m hoping I’m making myself understood…
The problem is… I’m no skinny mini and I have a tummy… I thought that, perhaps, the flair would hide that fact just a little.
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Oh… and 3/4 sleeves.
I forgot…
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Did you look on Ravelry? There a bunch on there, in fact too many to post here. :teehee:

Search under “empire pullover”.

No, I don’t think I checked Rivalry out… will do that now.
Thanks for the advice.

Well, I went to Ravelry and found a couple of sweaters that I liked enough to buy them. Then I found another sweater. They called it an a-line sweater. It’s a pullover, top down…
On Ravelry, it’s called #115 Top Down Swing Sweater.
The thing is it’s knit in some kind of silk yarn… not sure, I forget already what I read…:think:
The needles are 5mm… which I love, circular, of course :wink:
It’s the substitute yarn that I will have to use. Hoping to use a nice acrylic weight 4 but not sure if that is going to work with this.
What do you think?
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That’s cute and I’ve made her sweaters before. They seem to be well written and easy to understand. The yarn used in the projects seem to be a variety of mostly worsted weights and even a few DK’s. I looked to see if anyone said anything and one using DK just went up a size. There is probably more info as well.

The yarn they use is a heavy worsted weight (#4) at 16 st over 4 inches…that’s 4 spi. Check the yarn you want to use and see what the gauge is. You can check on Ravelry for that, too. What yarn is it you want to use?

A good question… I don’t have a yarn in mind at the moment but I thought I’d go to my lys and see what she recommends.
Thanks for all your suggestions.
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