Empire Top

[/B]This is the reason why I have to ask my mother in law posed the Empire Top for me. As you can see in the photo, although originally I designed this top when I was not pregnant, however, in the end I am able to wear it. I think it’s because I knit this top using cotton yarn, and we are all know that cotton can stretch. The good thing about cotton is, once you wash, it shrinks back to the original size.


Finally I am able to post this FO. This is Empire Top that I sketched last year. My mother in law modeled it for me. She is 60 plus, but the top still looks OK on her.
Details about this project, can be found here

Thanks for looking

Very PRETTY! Love the sleeves and tail, very slimming! You did a great job on it, too! :yay: :yay:

That is beautiful and I think the top looks lovely on her- no matter what age!

Beautiful sweater and I enjoyed looking at your blog, you have such talent.
Thanks for sharing.

Very nice and the detail is exquisite. Your MIL has a great figure x

Beautiful. I love it . You did a wonderful job and the fit is great :slight_smile:

That is a terrific top! Congratulations!

beautiful!!! perfect color to!:inlove:

That is really beautiful-and your MIL looks gorgeous in it!

Gorgeous! I love the details!

Lovely! It is long enough to be a dress almost. The yarn looks very fine and the stitches small. Lots of work, but a nice result.

Very pretty sweater, and yes, your MIL looks wonderful in it.

Love all the pieces on your blog also, you must keep very busy with all your handwork.

That is so Beautiful,I want to make it for me:)But can you tell me is it hard to make the sleeves longer,I can’t wear short sleeves i don’t know but i just can’t take it.

To make it longer just continue until your desired length before started the ruffles. I make it short since I live in tropical country.

That is gorgeous! :inlove:

ETA = Oh my…your other designs are lovely, too! That sage cardigan is beautiful. Do you have more photos of them though? It’s hard to determine how a pattern looks just from the side.

Nevermind I found them! I’m going to bookmark that one!

Gasp! That is adorable! And what a great fit, you must be very pleased!

Just lovely!

:inlove: so pretty!! Great job!

Thanks,I live in Iceland so it can get very cold here.

I love it! :heart: