Emergency knitting!

I can’t tell you how many times lately I’ve walked right out of the house without my knitting and then ended up having to wait somewhere. :help: I hate that. So ironic that I would be without my knitting when I make knitting bags so that you CAN take a small knitting project with you. :teehee:

Lets not discuss how many times my friends and family have razzed me about this. This is a sore subject with me. :oops:

But lookie what I just made. No, [I]I’M NOT SELLING THESE[/I], don’t even ask. LOL It’s not my idea, I just like to make things myself. Inside are two balls of sock yarn and a size 2 magic loop needle. This will go in my trunk and may I never go without my knitting again!! :cheering:

:roflhard: Love this! We ALL need one of these, so maybe if you aren’t gonna sell it, be sure and keep that trunk locked! :teehee::whistle:

:yay: I love that bag!

I have a bag that stays in my car that holds yarn and needles for dishrags…have my scissors in there too…and a needle to weave in those ends…:rofl:

I considered adding scissors and other knitting notions, but I figured that if I’m to the point where I need to weave in the ends, it’s time to restock my survival kit with a new project anyway. LOL

Besides, it’s a “survival” kit. Just the necessities! :roflhard:

And LOL Mary… I DO keep my trunk locked. neener neener! :smiley:

Very good idea!
I like it. :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: true…trips to WV had me add things to it when the other knitting bag was in the trunk and dh wouldn’t stop to let me find a way to cut my yarn :rofl:

I make the same style of bags. I guess in guy fashion I’m over building them compared to yours.
Mine are canvas and the draw string is rope.

If I ever went anywhere I’d think about making one for the truck, but if I had one it would probably get oil soaked sitting behind my seat. I guess I’d have to knit oil rags with it.

You are missing the bet there Silver. These would sell just as well as the On the Town bags, I think! Cute idea, great job! Keep up the very good work. My gosh woman, but you are just full of… creativity!

What a great idea.

This one is canvas too, with cotton cording. Great minds think alike? :thumbsup:

I know they’d sell, but it’s not my idea. This is a total copy cat for personal use only. And the ones on Spunky Eclectic are only $9. I don’t think I can beat that. Besides, my On The Town bags keep me plenty busy! :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone! :hug:

Have you trade marked them yet? You really should you know, if you haven’t yet done so.

This is awesome…I WILL totally be making one of these!..

Wanna make two Crycket? :roflhard:

I’ve got to make me one of those. One for my car…one for when I unexpectedly stop at my dad’s and am there for a couple of hours…I don’t know how many times I’ve gone with dd to her ballet class and realize I only picked up one bag and it’s the one WITHOUT my knitting!

I feel your pain. I’ve taken to keeping one project in my office (for boring conference calls and lunchtime sanity breaks) and one in my car (mostly for sitting in traffic or at red lights), in addition to whatever WIP I bring along in my On the Town Bag.

Um… no. For the third time, it wasn’t my idea and I have no intention of selling them. :??

I have turned around and made myself late for appointments because I couldn’t handle going somewhere without a project. I think I have become obsessive.


Everyone wants me to have my knitting. I am so much more patient with the world when I am making tangible progress on a project. :smiley:

maybe she was talking about the on the town bags?

These are cute! Love it!

That rocks, I love it!