Emergency! Help! 100% Cotton Sweater Bleached wrong!

Hi everyone. I need your help.

I got a sweater that is 100% grey cotton. Had a couple of redish stains on it. Have no idea how that developed. Then silly me, i mix a bit of water and some bleach to try to get rid of the stain but it didn’t work. Instead it turned out pitched red.

Can someone tell me how i can correct this problem? Will grey dye do the trick? If not what do i need to do?


Try dying the sweater red. I think that is your only solution really. Good luck.

Noooooo…I really want it grey.

Look through the Rit products at your supermarket. I can’t recall the exact name, but Rit makes something that might work. If that fails, how about making a pretty applique to cover the spot?