Emergency felting question - what to do re 'flares'

Hi folks… on the FO forum a few weeks back I showed a rug I had knitted. Today I felted it…well…kind of. I had to use my son’s ancient machine and it took me two and a half hours. I am pleased with the results overall except the ends are now wider than the rest of the rug. The rug was a rectangle shape and the two shorter ends are flared out. I want to bring them back to the same width as the rest of the rug but feel the odious task of heaving it back to my son’s and his machine may not resolve. Is this perhaps simply a matter of dipping each end in really hot water and scrubbing at it? What do you guys think?? In looking over at it drying, one side (one longer edge) is also a little flared.

I have no laundry tub in this apartment and no washing machine at the moment but I would prefer to haul it back to my son’s IF I have to after all the work I did on it. Just that I have painful knees and it’s hard…so…from you experienced felters I would appreciate suggestions.

I found that the corners/sides tended to stick out more or flare as you say when I felted a hot pad. I’m not sure what the answer is. I assume you are thinking that by wetting and scrubbing at it it would shrink or felt more in that area? I’m not sure. One thing to know though is that if the article is felted well you can cut it to shape. Maybe that will work for you. :think:

Also, you could try STRETCHING the middle part to match the edges. This may take two people and some serious time. I find I have to keep going back and re-stretching until the item is dry and the shape I want it.

Hmm. thanks for responses…unfortunately given the time delays I doubt the item could be now stretched as it is largely dry. It was awkward with my knees as it was to bend and put it on the floor which is what I had to do. I also doubt it could be cut because although it is felted it is not ‘quite’ the same say as I have seen bags on this forum. It is not quite as thick. There is still, here and there, vague…vague…stitch definition. But after 2 and a half hours I could not keep getting up and down to it and was trying to life it from machine and scrub it. I think it best that I try and dip the whole thing in a bath of hot water and just madly scrub the edges and hope that will do the trick. :shrug:


Ok…just looked and the stitches are more defined than I first said. I actually don’t mind this as a look but I would be loathe to cut tho I appreciate the idea. I think as suggested it is a personal scrub madly along the edges and then another attempt to wash. Oh dear… I sigh at the thought. I think given my situation I would NOT do this again. The item is too big for me to deal with easily.

Susan, I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time. :hug:

You can always re-felt items. If it’s not felted enough for you yet, keep trying. You’re probably feeling like :wall: by now!

Are you using a top-load or front-load washer? Top-load gets better agitation. And some yarn takes longer to felt. I HAVE found that with felting, tight cast on and bind off helps. It’s too late for this project, but for next time…

Thanks Gina…I have always been meaning to PM you about something… I’ll do it now. Well, it’s just awkward when you have a mobility issue fiddling and laying on the floor. Each time I bent I could hear the bone crunch in one knee wince. If I had a large table top it would be easier…and now my son is cross today and acting problematic about his washer. His is a top load but its old and so does a sort of vague hula hoop action in two directions twice and then it pauses…then two actions and then pause…and it does this about 12 times and then empties…so…it is up and down and up and down. The water wasn’t hot enough and so I had to boil jug after jug too and add to the washer :slight_smile:

Grist for the mill. It is GOOD to know I can felt it more and more. I will admit, the long edge where I cast off is the best edge. Where I cast on was a little loose so I actually took an extra line of yarn and spent an age weaving it in and out all the way along to back fill however that edge still needs more work.

This took a couple of months to make so I am wanting to try and do the best job I can…despite the issues. It IS a learning curve and I am not unhappy with the result but it is not good enough and needs more work as you suggest…phew…glad I can go back and do it again etc. I will scrub the short edges madly where the flare is worst and then scrub the long edges and then just re-do the wash thing. I suspect that will almost get it right. I didn’t have jeans to put in with it either and had to dump other stuff in to try and work with it. That didn’t help of course.

I don’t own anything denim and my son stock refused to allow his jeans to go in which is fair enough.