Emergency Christmas gauge problem - pattern calls for two needle sizes

Maybe I’m a fool, but I’m trying to knit a hat tonight and tomorrow to give to someone as a present tomorrow night (Christmas). The pattern is for a hat (link to free pattern: http://www.kraemeryarns.com/patterns/pdfs/tamtopper.pdf).

My problem is that the pattern calls for two needles sizes (US 5 and 7) and for a gauge of 24 stitches per 4 inches, but it doesn’t specify which set of needles to use to get that gauge.

I’m guessing that, since the pattern starts with the smaller needles and then switches to the larger needles, you should get gauge with the smaller needles. But now I’m second-guessing myself.


The inch or so of knitting on the smaller needles is to give the ribbing some room to stretch without being too loose and the brim a better fit. Since the bulk of the hat is knit on the size 7s, I would swatch on them.

I hope this reaches you in time to help.

Yep, when only one gauge is given, it’s for the needles that the majority of the knitting is on, which would be the larger ones.

Thanks for the responses!

I knit various swatches (on US size 5, 6, and 7 needles), and the 5’s were the closest. The 7’s were more like 24 stitches per 5 inches instead of 24 per 4 inches.

I ended up just making the pattern with the needles it called for, and decided to frog it if the size was too off and make the gift a belated one.

The hat ended up turning out okay and if fit me great (but I have a big head). I was slightly loose around the band on my grandma (the gift recipient), so were’re going to sew some elastic thread into the band to tighten it up slightly.