Embroidery on knitting- how to finish

I have made the Caron Folkwear Baby Caftan and have finished the embroidery. I didn’t know what I was doing but the front looks pretty good.

I didn’t use knots to work the embroidery (except the french knots- har har) and just kind of wove everything under itself making a very ugly, but somewhat secure back.

I am afraid of loose threads with washing, plus baby’s fingers getting caught in the sleeve thread embroidery, and it just takes a little stretching for the french knots (I made them pretty big, but not big enough maybe) to pop through to the back.

Can I cover this with interfacing? If so- what type? (Iron on? I did use Simply Soft for the project)

That is a really good question and unfortunately I don’t really have a good answer. I don’t think I’d use interfacing, especially iron-on since acrylic can melt at high heats. Can you weave in the ends at all?

I don’t think you’re going to find a fusible that’ll adhere (long haul) and stretch with the knit fabric. There are knit ones that might be stretchy but not to the extent of your knit fabric. Fusibles also have a non-stretch grain that might end up making the knit piece looked warped/skewed (or not wash/dry at the same ratio as your knitted piece). You could test a fusible on your swatch to see how much it impacts the yarn but even with the pressing cloth the amt of pressure needed for adhesion may wreak havoc on your knitting.

You might want to entertain attaching a lightweight knit lining fabric over the emb areas. Before I did that I’d secure all your woven ends with some tight threaded sts (use beeswax) and then lock them with FrayCheck. Try the normal wash/dry of the garment and see how it comes out.