Embroidary help

I’m knitting a snowman and it says to embroider the eyes with black yarn…How do I do that?


Try duplicate stitch.

THanks! I’m totally stupid when it comes to sewing, though. I get the first part, but I’m a little confused on the second. Are you putting the needle through the same spot that you came up through the back originally? I hope that makes sense. I think I’m confusing myself.

I’m also sewing challenged. The idea of the duplicate stitch is to sew along the same lines as the stitch. You could just make an X or start with an X and go around again. Since all you’re using this for is eyes, I don’t imagine that it’s critical that you follow the stitches. This technique is more for sewing more elaborate designs on knitting.

I bet if you Google embroidery stitches, you can get some better ideas to make eyes, specifically.

Thanks for your help :o)