didnt know where to post this
so now that i have finished all my charity knitting
i want to relax
i love embrodery
but i cant find a kit or a cloth anywhere
was wondering if anyone here lives in toronto ontario
or the suburbs
would know of a place i could purchase some

I can’t help you but I hope someone else can.:teehee:

Toronto is a big city, I know they have fabric and craft stores. Any of these would probably sell kits/fabric/embroidery thread.

I just did a a Google Maps search for “Fabrics Toronto, Canada” and got a bunch of hits.

Go to Google, click on maps, then type in Fabrics and the city/country name. Also try other search terms to get wider results. Good luck! :thumbsup:

I grew up in Toronto and I now live about an hour away. Queen street West has lots of great fabric stores, as well as lots of yarn stores such as Romni wool http://www.romniwools.com/. All the stores are around the same area, just take a walk along Queen. Hamilton (about 45 minutes from T.O.) has some great fabric stores on Ottawa street as well as a lovely yarn shop called Yarnopolis.