"embossed stitch" has me stumped

I’m usually pretty good at following directions, but this one has me stumped.

The “special abbreviations” section reads:

“es# Embossed stitch is worked by inserting the needle through the next stitch, and then through the top of the stitch # rows below (# will either be equal to 4 or 10 (es4 or es10)”

a sample row where the stitch appears reads:

k1tbl, k4, (es10, es4) 5x, k4, sl1

(This is part of a face, if that helps) I just don’t understand whether I am knitting these stitches on the different rows together, just putting them on the needle, passing them over one another or what. Any translation is greatly appreciated.:shrug:

It sounds like you’ll slip the regular stitch onto the right needle, then reach down and pick up the stitch however many rows down you need to go.

I’d then slip them both onto the left tip and knit them together.