Embossed Leaves Socks - Pattern Question

OK, I know this is a probably a stupid question, but here goes. I’m trying to start the Embossed Leaves socks from Interweave’s Favorite Socks (Mona Schmidt). The pattern says to cast on 64 stitches, then gives instructions for knitting the first two [B]rows[/B]. THEN, it say to arrange the stitches evenly on four dpns and join for working in the round in the twisted rib pattern (for 18 rounds). How can that be? If I’m reading this right, the first two rows won’t be attached (in the round). Does anyone know what that instruction means??? I’m so confused.:???:

I understand how they want you to knit this, but I just can’t understand why. :??
Unless there is a section somewhere on this pattern that tells you or describes why this has to be done, I would totally ignore it… just cast on, join in the round and start the sock. I know I wouldn’t like my socks with a little slit in the cuff for no reason at all! :thumbsup:

I couldn’t figure it out either, unless you are supposed to sew up the seam during finishing (though it doesn’t say that). So many people have knitted these socks, but I’ve never seen anyone mention this, so I thought I was just being too literal or something, but I’ve re-read the pattern several times, and it definitely doesn’t say to join in round until after those two rows. Makes no sense to me at all!! Thanks!

I followed the pattern and thats what I did: knit the first two rows [I]then[/I] joined. I was confused too, but I figured I would just do what it said and hoped it turned out right. I think the cuff looked fine. I don’t remember there being any noticable slit. Now I’m going to have to go look at them again!

You can use the little co tail to stitch up the two rows and they will look great :-). You cannot see the join or gap at all. (I have knit 3 pair so far - I love this pattern.)

how about some pictures from those of you who have already knit these? :eyebrow: i’m really interested in knitting a pair after i do a basic first sock. yes, i’m a sock virgin. :teehee:
i’d really like to see what this interesting little “two-row-non-join” is supposed to look like. if i try them and it just looks strange, i know i probably won’t finish them. sad, but true. it would help to know what i’ll be getting myself in to. :lol:

I’ve not knit those, actually hadn’t yet seen them when I designed this pattern as a gift to my bud, Kemp when she opened her online store, Diva Knitting (pattern is free with purchase). And as you can see, they are very similar and a VERY FUN knit!!!
Just hop on over to the closeout sale @ Diva Knitting and buy some very nice, very cheap yarn and click the pattern and she will send it to you free with purchase! i promise…LOADS of fun to knit:blooby:Almost forgot to tell you, they are called “Leaves of Whimsy” Socks.

Here are 2 pair I knit: