Ember by Kim Hargreaves

Hi, I am knitting this cardigan and i am stuck. The pattern is ‘Ember’ in the ‘Cherished’ pattern book by Kim Hargreaves. I have reached the ‘left front’ part in the pattern and am confused. It shows the 8 rows pattern and it says: These 8 rows form patt. Cont in patt, shaping side seam by inc 1 st at beg of 7th and foll 14th row. Work 9 rows, ending with a WS row. I do not understand this last sentence. What does that mean work 9 rows? I have to continue the pattern until i have reached the armhole. The pattern has 8 rows. That is way more as 9 rows. Do I have to knit 9 times the 8 rows pattern? I don’t get it. Can someone help me please? Sorry for my english i am german.

Welcome to KH!
Very nice stitch pattern and a very cozy looking sweater.

After you increase in the 7th and then 14th row, continue working the pattern rows for 9 more rows, ending with a WS row. Then there should be another instruction of some sort.
Your English is wonderful. Don’t be concerned; your meaning is very clear.

Hi, Thank you so much for answering my question.
Yes, this is a very cute sweater and I hope i can finish it. The instruction says after this sentence I have to decrease for the armhole. I have knitted 10 rows and the dimension of these 10 rows are only 3" long. So 23 rows will be about 7" long. That will be way too short. Do you know what I mean. But I think you are right. I will continue the patt until my desired length is reached. Thanks again. I appriciate it. Have a great weekend.

Yes, work to the length you would like. You can see the number of pattern repeats on these knitters used.