Embarrassing LYS Moment

Ok, so, today I went to my lys with my kids and neighbor…when we got there, my son announced he had to go potty…I take him to the bathroom and a little while later my daughter knocks on the door…I open the door a bit and, as 2 ladies are walking by, my son announces to my daughter, “I’m going poop, Isabelle!” :roflhard: Man, talk about your face going red!! And, as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, a little while later he asked me to hold him…We were near the register and the owner was there, behind the counter…I picked my son up (when I hold him, I hold him on my hip) and he says, “mama, when you hold me my penis hurts.” :thud::roflhard: Man! I told my neighbor I’d never be able to show my face in there again after today! The things kids say, I tell ya!

LOL That is very funny . I just love the things kids come out with . They are so innocent .
I am sure your LYS has heard worse and by adults lol :slight_smile:


:LOL: I wouldn’t be too embarrassed about it. Like they say, “Kids say the darnedest things”


:roflhard: :roflhard: Too funny! But ya know, your kids know the proper words, and use them in their proper contexts. What else do you want? :teehee:

Your daughter’s name is Isabelle? :hug: It’s my first name too! Good choice. :teehee:

My husband and I went to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game once with a friend of mine, her husband and her three little boys all under the age of 7. During the game the middle guy tells his father he needs to use the bathroom. No problem, Les (her hubby) gets up and takes him. When they come back, they’re walking down the stadium steps and Matthew (the son) yells at the top of his lungs “Mom, I have diarrhea!!!”. We all turn around and just sink in our seats as people in back of us laughed hysterically. After about five minutes we all made a pact to get up and move to the other side of the stadium. As we were all leaving the row some guy yelled out “you can run but we can still see you wherever you go!”. We all covered our faces, laughed and moved on. :roflhard:

When my daughter was between 1-2 years old and learning to talk her father thought it was so funny to teach her how to say “fart”. Yeah, that was until we were in a restaurant and she blurts out loudly “Daddy you farted” and laughed.
So yeah, kids do say the darnedest things and you don’t need to be embarrassed. At least he knows the proper anatomical terms for his body parts! :slight_smile:

As a first grade teacher, I hear these types of comments everyday. Yesterday, I had a student come back in the room frantic. He couldn’t get his pants off in time to potty. I asked him what happened, did he wait to long to ask to go? He said “my penis just did that.” Ha. . .if my parents only knew half the stuff I hear.

You poor girl. Hopefully the LYS lady is a Mom, because as Mom’s I think we ALL have a story like this one.


The diarrhea comment is pretty embarrassing. It’s all very innocent, but I would be embarrassed because everyone was laughing. I keep telling my daughter and fiance’ that they need to clean up their language. Fiance’ thinks it’s funny with GD says something colorful, but she goes to a Christian daycare and I just know that all comes out when she is there. I am waiting for her to say something embarrassing when she goes to church with me. I guess they will get over it.:teehee:

:rofl: OMG, that is too funny.!

:roflhard: LOL! Sounds as if your husband must have been coaching him…to keep you out of the LYS!

Too funny! Don’t worry about the LYS ladies, as someone said, they’re probably all moms, too.

Yes, we all have these stories. When my son was three, my DH and I worked night shifts at a local hospital, leaving him with a sitter who came over and slept until we got home. One Sunday morning, we invited everyone over for breakfast (prepared the day before).

A few minutes after everyone had arrived, about fifteen people, he woke up, kicked off his pj’s, and ran through the group in the kitchen with his little penis erect, shouting “my penis is full!” heading for the only empty bathroom as fast as he could. His Dad wrapped a towel around him for the return trip, but some of our friends were still laughing, and the little comedian actually took a bow.

Oh to be that innocent again!

Sounds like a great, bright kid. Says what he means, communicates clearly, uses the right vocabulary. What’s to be embarrassed about?

I have lots of stories from when my boys were little. But the one I remember the most is from my OWN childhood.

When I was a little girl, I loved to sing all the songs that played on television commercials. My favorite song was the old Budweiser ad:
:note: “When you say Bud…
you’ve said a lot of things nobody else can say…
When you say Bud…
you show you care enough to only serve the King of Beers!
There is no other one…there’s only something less…
because the King of Beers is really all there is.
When you say Budweiser…you’ve said it all.” :note:

One Sunday morning, my mom dressed me for church, saying, “Sandy, when you’re at Sunday School, do NOT sing that Budweiser song!!”

When she came to pick me up from Sunday School, I was playing with a dollhouse, and singing the Budweiser song. :teehee:

I think what makes it a bit “embarrassing” for me is I was in there the other day asking for a job :teehee:



That totally sounds like something my son would say!

My son was about 3 when we were in the grocery store. We had passed by the feminine hygiene aisle when he yells out, Hey Mom, do you need some toupons. I was embarrassed, but the way he said it I couldn’t help but laugh.