Email Notifications Question


[B]Quick Question regarding the email notifications feature:[/B]

The email notification says that “you will receive no further notifications until you visit the forum”.

Does this mean I [B]have to[/B] click the link FOR EACH AND EVERY notification sent…or…can I read most of them through my email…and[B] just click the link for one of them[/B] to remain on the notifications list?

[B]Must I[/B] click the link IN THE EMAIL to validate my current status, and can I [B]just use my IE browser[/B] to migrate to KnittingHelpForum to validate my current status.

I think you can just visit the forum.

Oh, and for security reasons you really should be using Firefox instead of IE. The IE browser is terrible.

They only send one for each thread you’ve subscribed to I think till you visit. For instance if you’ve subscribed to a blog… after person A responds you will get a notification. If persons B and C respond you will not get another notification unless you had visited after the first response. AT least I think that is the way it works now.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Speaking of email notification… I don’t seem to be notified of threads that I subscribe to. I may receive a rare notification but I often subscribe and never receive anything.

I also never get notified of PM’s… I only know I have one when I visit the forum and notice there is an unread message shown.

You can be subscribed to a thread w/o email notification. To change that go to “User CP” and click on “edit options”. Scroll down to “Default Thread Subscription Mode” and you’ll see a drop down box like the one attached. Click whichever choice you want. That should solve the problem. If not we can let Sheldon know.