Email addresses typed in posts will get SPAM

If you type your email address in a post, it is vulnerable to SPAM email-harvesters that comb the web looking for unencrypted email addresses. Best not to put your email in a post. Instead, you can tell people to email you by clicking on the email button below your post.

For more must-know computer info, like how to protect yourself from spam, pop-ups, and spyware, read the concise posts here.


Wow, that’s invaluable info Amy. thank you!

another way to avoid spam is type in your e-mail just as normal, but throw in a phrase such as “nospam” before the @ sign. The bots won’t get your e-mail and you can tell people to just take out the “nospam” part when they e-mail you. :smiley:

Or you can post your addy like

nunyabidness AT dontspamme DAWT com

LOL - this actually works!


huh, that’s a good one about the nospam biz. I’ve recently got some pop ups I never got before or ads rather, so I need to do some housecleaning. thanks for the tip!

Victoise, sounds like you might have spyware on your computer, if you’re getting pop-ups at sites you didn’t before. Classic symptom. Check out the thread I linked to in the first post, if you haven’t already. Hope it’s not too hard to get rid of…


Thanks Amy! I’m lazy about this computer stuff… my niece can download music and I can’t with my super Sony Vaio! :oops: