Elusive Scarf Pattern

Hi All,

Hoping someone here may be able to help…

I know I’ve seen a pattern for a scarf that I thought was really cool. I thought for sure I bookmarked it, but can’t find it now <sigh>…

It wasn’t all that long, but the 2 ends were interconnected! I think it was done by doing I-cord on either end, weaving the I-cords together, then picking up those stitches on either end and knitting for another couple inches on either end.

Has anyone else seen this? :shrug:


Was it a moebius scarf? Sometimes “moebius” is spelled different ways. Try a search on google for that.

Nope, not a mobius (or however it’s spelled)…

More of an ascot-type thing that could be worn to good advantage under a open-fronted suit jacket or dress coat. Not too long, say about mid-chest length, and it would be put on over the head as it’s connected as mentioned before. It’d have a finished shape kinda like all those ribbon things you see on people’s cars, with the crossing section being the interconnected I-cords.

Diane :waving:

ooh ooh. I know that scarf. it was like a rose pink color.

maybe take a look in the FO Forum.

EDIT: I just took a look and I think i found the post but it looks like she took down the pictures because she’s going to submit the pattern somewhere. Maybe you can PM here and she if she actually is going to.