Elsebeth lavold

Does anyone have any information about the availability of Elsebeth Lavold’s newest Designer’s Choice Books? Specifically Books #15 & 16. “Out of the Blue” (Book 15) and “Touch of Romance” (Book 16).

I have searched and searched for any website that has them for sale/for purchase NOW…but no one seems to have them yet…but some are taking Pre-Orders.

I don’t like doing pre-orders.

Anyone know anything about the books? :shrug:

Her publisher is Knitting Fever, Inc.


well, I assume you’ve already gone to knittingfever.com. Both books are showing as ‘new’ there. My guess is they’re so new they haven’t shipped yet. I clicked on the ‘buy’ botton there, but it doesn’t let you buy it direct from there, but sends you to your zip code listing shops that carry their books. Also gives a list of internet shops. the few I clicked on that offer those 2 books are all pre-order. If any local shops pop up for your area, I imagine they will order them for you, if they don’t already have some on order.

A lot of sites that let you pre-order don’t charge your credit card until they come in and you actually place an order. You might have to call them to make sure, as some will charge you immediately, some will just charge and ship when the books come in.

I have preordered books from a couple of online sites and been very happy with the process. They don’t bill until the order is shipped. You may be a few days later getting your books than if you went to the stores and bought, but living 20 miles from the nearest shopping it’s worth it for me. Some online retailers even ship so that your book arrives at your home on the day of release.