Elsebeth Lavold Pattern help

The “Gram” Hat pattern in Lavold’s Viking Knits Collection is confusing. I cast on and worked the 100 sts needed for the band. Then it reads: Cast on 1 st at each side of work=34(38,42)sts. What does that mean?


At first I would say the pattern has three sizes, and the number of stitches on the needle would equal 34(38, 42) for sizes S(M, L).

I’m confused how you’re going from 100st to 34st though? It’s hard for me to say without seeing the pattern.

Cast on one stitch at each end and you’ll end up with 34 + 34 + 34 to equal 102.

If you’re knitting on 3 dpns, cast on 1 st each side of each needle is an increase of 6 sts for the largest size. Maybe, I think…?

If you have 100 stitches to start, you’d have 33, 34, 33. Cast on one stitch at each end of the [I]work [/I]and you’d have 34, 34, 34.

Okay. But do the other sizes also start with 100 sts? Just curious, the instructions are a little different.