Elongated Stitch

Working on the elongated scarf pattern from this page. The one on the stitches videos, made my own pattern. I seem to have a problem. some of the stitches dont always connect. Some fall off into a loose loop. Any help. Can some one tell me what I am doing… .and then what I need to do… the loops loose look kind of nice as well maybe for some other fun pattern.

thanks as always

In your post it sounds like you meant to give us a link to the pattern, but I don’t see it. Can you give that and maybe explain a bit about what you are doing since you said you made your own pattern.

I dont know how to send a link from that video…It is on www.knittinghelp.com under the Video sections and the last video is the elongated stitch… I just made my own from the video with a 14 cast on… and 4 wraps on the Elongated stitch part.
I did 10 beginning rows of garter… one row of the Elongated Stitch and now I am at a pattern of garter and elongated stitch.

My question is … sometimes the elongated part of the stitch is not attached anywhere and falls forward in a long loop… off the needle. What am I doing wrong>



I watched the video and did the stitch. The good news is that I see what you are talking about because I had the same thing happen to me a couple of times. :lol: The bad news is that I was trying to do it right and don’t know what I did that caused that to happen. :lol: :lol:

I think what is happening is that somehow that very end loop that actually connects to something right there at the beginning of the bunch of loops that you are going to make the elongated stitch from (this is after you have done the row where you did all the extra wraps and now you are going to knit across and let all the extra wraps fall off) doesn’t get knit into. So the whole works isn’t “saved” but just all falls off as a big loop. What we’re doing to cause that I’m not sure. But be very careful on each stitch that you are knitting into the very end loop where it actually goes down and connects to something. I noticed that sometimes that part that needs to be knitted into isn’t first in line for some reason. But I also tried knitting into something else there and that didn’t make it fall into a big loose loop either so that doesn’t explain it altogether. :eyes:

Another thing to watch for is that after you have knit that end loop connecting thing and have a new stitch loop on the right hand needle that you hold on to the new stitch loop that is formed on your right hand needle with your forefinger of the right hand so that it doesn’t fall off. I know for certain that if that falls off we get a big loop that is not knit and just hangs there loose. Maybe that was what we did wrong. :??

Let me know if your problem goes away.

WOW thanks so much for actually going and doing the stitch for me…While I was waiting for some advice I changed out of that Homespun bumpy elastic yarn I was doing and changed to a simple white worsted and a 9 needle.

I had to really analyze what was happening… look at the stitches that “worked” and didn’t work. As long as the Knit coming off after the wrapping was after the wraps… and nice and compact it worked… It seems when a yarn over happen… as in the wrap settled after the knit stitch…or I tried to take a wrong stitch to knit, either I got the loop or messed it all up. If I nestled them very nicely on the needle it worked. BUT

One edge… I will say its the right edge… the beginning loop has more a twisted pattern, kind of looks like the edging from crochet work, like a chain 3 effect or affect whichever the word is. this is consistant now except the very first Elongated stitch I did.

The only other thing with this is making the stitches look even… thats taking a lot of practice in the tightening process as I go.Its a lot more sturdy than it looks…so I tug away and its coming along.

I took your advise on holding the stitches… and that is helping a lot with that last stitch that seems to want to unfold off the needle.

Thanks so much for your help in watching the video and working the stitch… warms my heart… big hugs


Cheri, thanks for the warm hug that felt good. :sun:

That was a really good idea to use some smoother yarn and closely analyze what you were doing. Being an observant knitter is one of the best ways to learn, and that weird yarn (compared to smooth) could have been a big factor in your trouble. Once you get it down really well with the smooth yarn you can go back to the Homespun and I’m guessing, big needles. :thumbsup: