Elongated stitch

I’ve seen the video on how to do it, but what I was wondering was if it can be done in a scarf that is being knitted lengthwise instead of by the width!!! I have 103 cast-ons for my scarf/belt (don’t know what i’m going to use it for until it’s complete) and I’d like it to have the elongated look and not just the regualr garter stitch!! How would this look? Has anyone ever done this? If anyone has pics that would be great!!! I hope I put this in the right place… :thumbsup:

no pics, but yes you can do it, you do that yarn overs just like you would a normal drop stitch scarf (yarn over one row, dro pthe stitch off the next). I think it adds a cool effect when knitted the long way when its kinda wide (ie a stoel)

I agree, there is no problem with you doing it that way. But I think there is a way to get that look without having to knit the scarf lenghwise; unfortunatly I don’t know how to do it… It involves knitting the regular way and then dropping a stitch on purpose and letting it unravel, so you have a ladder going all the way down to the CO edge Here’s a few links that illustrate what it looks like…maybe someone else knows what to do to make it work for a scarf :thinking:
from lion brand
from Knitty but it shows a ribbon being strung through the ladder

There’s also a really good visual in the S&B Nation book, (it’s the drop stitch vest) here is a link to the bust site with the book… click the forward button about 20 times to see it ( the model is wearing black under the bright pink vest with a lighthouse in the background… if you get to the messenger bags you went too far)

and NOW that i see you’ve already CO for your scarf, I feel like a real dork, :doh: cuz DUH it’s not like you’re going to start over. BUT anyway, maybe someone will find this useful (or not since I didn’t really explain how to do it, just post links to mediocre pictures and not-really-relevant instructions sigh :rollseyes: )

^^ aww that’s ok, but the pictures did help it’s that a few hours ago (i actually started the scarf about a month and i just picked it back up today) the magical idea of adding the elongated stitch came to mind!!! But now I have to figure out how it will look before I start doing it simply because I have 113 cast ons and I’m on the 3rd row so I don’t want to mess up and have to start all over again!!! Here are some pics:

I just wanted to show you guys what my elongated stitch looked like lengthwise!!! This is the twisted drop stitch…what do you think? Feedback is greatly needed…tips as well!!!