Elongated stitch trouble

i loved the pattern for the elongated stitch scarf, and so ive been trying to practice to do the stitch… but not been very successful at it.

In the video i noticed that the thread was held by the left hand rather then the right and that tends to throw me off since im used to having the thread in my right hand.

can any1 suggest what i shud do? :frowning:

Even though you hold the working yarn in your right hand, you still wrap the yarn the same # of wraps, you just put the needle in the st as if to knit & wrap the yarn & carefully pull all of the sts thru as if you had only 1 st on the needle like when you do a regular knit st, being careful to hold on to the extra sts so that they don’t fall off.
Are you using a metal needle and finding it slippery? Sometimes using bamboo or wood needles will help if this is the case.
Okay, also, if you look at this video of a regular knit st…u follow the same technique, just add the extra wraps that you see in the video for the scarf. I hope this is helpful… :wink:

I use my right hand as well. When I did the elongated stitch I just wrapped with my right hand and used my left index finger to hold the stitches on till I pulled them through.

thank u guys, i’ll try that out and let u know how it worked out. :slight_smile:

:smiley: Happy to have been of service :wink:

ok so far it was workin pretty fine, im finally used to using my right hand for the elongated stitch. But ive noticed that sometimes wen i complete one row of the elongated stitch, the last stitch on the end is kinda loose, like, its some what longer than the strands of the other stitches.

So i was wondering if thats supposed to happen? n if not whats going wrong here?


pull down on it, that usually takes care of it.

I usually pull on the elongated loops gently to even them out and it seems to work fine. I gotta take a picture of that scarf…

Same thing happened with me, but when I tugged on it, it got where it should be…I loved my elongated stitch scarves I have made and need to make two more for Christmas!