Elongated Stitch Row End

[color=darkblue]I am hoping to make a simple scarf using the Elongated Stitch (found pattern on KP Yarns site). I studied Amy’s video demo for this stitch, and I believe I’ve got it. but, one question remains: each elongated stitch produces a two-stranded column; EXCEPT one end of the row, which seems to have (necessarily) a column with three strands (twisted).

The pattern calls for co 12 sts, loosely, k1 (wrap twice), repeat to end of row, ending in k1. This is for the Elongated Stitch row. For me, this produces the different colum on one end. I have tried (a) beginning and ending with a regular knit stitch, framing the elongated wrapped stitches; and (b) beginning and ending with a slip stitch. These two “methods” also produce an odd column on one end of the row.

I have knitted up about 6 inches 8 times so far, but get the same result each time.

Is this asymmetric terminal column normal? Acceptable? Looks strange to me. Can it be avoided?

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When you “framed” the elongated stitches with knit stitches, did you just add k1 to the beginning of the row, or did you add another k1 to the end of the row as well? Because if you added a stitch on both edges, you’d end up with k1 at beginning of the row and k2 at the end of the row, which would cause some assymetry. If that’s not what happened, then :shrug: . It’s not a stitch I’ve ever used, but it seems like it should be symmetrical as long as both edges have the same number of regular k’s.

In Amy’s instructions for her elongated scarf (in the free patterns section), her elongated stitch row doesn’t have any plain knit stitches at all. I actually think that makes more sense because it seems like using regular knit stitches as your selvage would make the edges short (lengthwise) relative to the body of the scarf, causing puckering.

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I think that would be VictoiseC. Great minds run in the same direction!

[color=darkblue]I’ll have to recheck the stitch count and the end stitches. I know i tried all the combinations I could think of, but …

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