Elongated Stitch Pattern

Does anyone know what yarn was used to make the Elongated Stitch Scarf pattern on this website? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Janet

Um, which website? :slight_smile:

THIS website… KH. :lol:

The answer is no we don’t. I’ll ask the forum owner, but it’s been so long she may not remember. I’ll let you know here.

LOL – ah ha. Isn’t that just called a drop stitch, or a yarnover drop stitch?

ETA: double LOL – obviously I’m just not reading things correctly today! Ignore me! (And actually, I tend to mentally lump all of those yarns into the “horrible furry yarn” category. :wink: )

Where’s the pattern? I searched but couldn’t find it.

:doh: At the top of the page is tab that says patterns. Click that then click the scarves link. It’s on the left side of the page. Rather than a pattern there is a video so it must be Amy’s pattern. Just click the link then scroll down and there are two options for the video.

oaky - that explains it. Most videos are blocked at work and the link at home is too slow for them - so I tend to ignore video links.