Elongated stitch = newbie needs help, please

I’ve been trying to make the elongated stitch scarf for the last week or so, but I’ve ended up having to frog it. I did that twice with the lovely fluffy mohair-esque wool I bought, then gave up and tried again with regular wool. I’ve looked at the video over and over, and tried and tried, but whatever I do, I can’t get a nice neat row of elongated stitches. They’re on an angle, and the first of each row looks all wrong (see pic for details). It’s probably something very simple, but I’d be so grateful for any help - I’ve been unlucky with the projects I wanted to knit so far and I really, really wanted to make this scarf after seeing the pics. Please help before my voice gets even whinier… :wink: TIA.

peev, I have tried to knit it also many times. Mine looked just like yours. I too tried and tried… someone will give us the answer on what we are doing wrong…


Shoot, i thought for sure we would have a answer tonight. :??

It happened to me also. I think it has something to do with the tension but I still haven’t figured it out. I’m sure someone can help. ~Brooke :??

on the right hand side of her picture there is what appears as loops (stitches) instead of a straight stitch like there is on the left side.

I have viewed Amy’s Video many times. I don’t see that loopy thing on hers…

I think those loops are causing the problem… JMO…

That’s how mine got. It was the first stich onto the new needle. Maybe that’s why? :thinking: I really don’t know if that’s it.~Brooke

Yup, it’s the first stitch that causes the problem. The ‘loopy’ stitch causes the knitting to slope because it’s a different tension to the other stitches (which all look more or less like the ones on the video). I tried knitting in ‘regular’ wool because I wasn’t sure if the wool I was using was causing the problem (and I struggled to stop the loops slipping over each other when I was knitting the elongated stitch. I thought a normal wool would be easier to practise with, but I get exactly the same problem. I hope someone can help, as I have a load of gorgeous wool waiting to be made into scarves. :wink:

Sorry to hear others have had the same problem, but I’m happy I’m not alone with this. :smiley:

Yeah that happened to me too! I’m trying to think of what I did to fix it… hmmmmm :?? I think I might have lifted that extra loopy piece up on the next row and knitted it together with the first stitch of that row (is that confusing?)… I’ll have to borrow the scarf I made and find out.


Bump! :thumbsup:

I’ve been trying this over and over to no avail. Please help us. I’m starting to get frustrated. Help me! ~Brooke :thinking:

Ok, I have the SAME problem!
I watched my stitches closely while knitting and I think it’s due to the fact, that my last stitch in the row before is too losely knit. It gets kind of pulled up and gets longer, consuming some of the length of the elongated stitch…
Is there probably a tight edge stitch that could be used in the row before the elongated stitches?

I watched the Video again last night several times. For the life of me i can’t figure out what i am doing wrong.


I tried doing the elongated stitch one time too and had the same problem. I hope someone can help us!

Yikes! This is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed in the elongated stitch video, once we figure out what’s happening!..

Could it be that you’re not stretching the work up enough, when you knit that first elongated stitch and drop off those loops?

Y’all aren’t slipping the first stitch of the row, are you?


I sat down to try to explain but couldn’t figure out the wording, so 10 minutes later, after pulling out scrap yarn and needles, knitting up a few stitches, watching the video… Here goes.

That first stitch of the row is doing something different than the other stitches. The stitch is formed not only by the loops you made, but by bringing up the yarn from the row below… so you are actually carying a semi-complex weave of yarn up that elongated stitch.

If you watch the elongated stitch video from the site (not the scarf video), right at the end after she works the first elongated stitch, you’ll see that that weird stitch is present in her work too… but the video cuts so quickly it’s hard to really see. In the scarf video, you can see, if you look very carefully, that it does the same thing.

So basically, it’s just a feature of the stitch.

When I made mine in fuzzy yarn, that wierd first stitch is completly obscured by the texture of the yarn.

In my test swatch, I was able to lessen the effect of that funky stitch but it ended up doing wierd things to the row below…

As for slanting, the stitches want to be very loose, and sort of slip down the long loops… You can neaten that up by tugging the fabric down, and also by using your fingers to snug up the stitches against the needles by inserting your digits like a comb in the elongation and sliding them up to the needle while holding the fabric firm. It does seem to naturally want to be wonky, but gentle snugging and tugging seems to pull it back into shape.

Hurray Amy is here!!! I know i am not slipping the first stitch…

I watched the video so many times (scarf video) looking to see if Amy had the same loopy thing. I didnt see it there. I was not aware there is another video on the enlongated stitch. Going to look for that one…


I didn’t have a chance to ask my Granddaughter’s instructor about this stitch today. 2 hrs is to long for a 9 year old to knit. :XX: She was so good for the first 45 minutes and did very well… after 45 minutes i knew she was tired…

Darling Granddaughter and i are great pals. :heart: I am going to continue with her lessons as i want her to learn as much as possible at a young age.

I told the instructor about this site. She is going to the library to take a peek as she doesnt have a pc…

Thanks to those that answered or even better to those that said they had the same problem. Now i don’t feel so stupid. :oops:

I love the work “wonky” yellowness!!!

What I did was use the extra funky/wonky loopy thingy (that’s the official term, BTW) and loop it up over the LH needle, MI increase style, and knit it together with what was the first stitch on the LH needle (but is now the second after I lifted the extra funky/wonky loopy thingy up there). I am using fizzy type yarn with a Dk weight, and so that might obscure whatever other problem I am creating by “fixing” the extra funky/wonky loopy thingy. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the advice all. I will give it another go (with ‘test’ wool first) and let you know how I get on. :slight_smile:

ETA: Just checked the video again and I can’t see the loops on Amy’s knitting. I’m also wondering if I’m having problems because I knit using the English method - can’t get to grips with Continental at all. Anyway, I’m off to try again and I’ll report back later. :smiley:

Thanks to you, I completed my first elongated scarf!
I just ignored the funny stitch and made an even number of normal knit rows. So the funny stitch is once on one side and the next time on the other.
See for yourself in the pics!

As it’s for a friend, I need some opinion from you. Do you think I should add fringes or not? It’s a rather longish, skinny scarf, since I did it while watching Stargate and didn’t paid attention to length :rollseyes: