Elongated stitch help

I’m new to knitting and am trying to knit a scarf that requires the elongated stitch. Part of my trouble is it is a specialty lace-like yarn. I think I understand the yarn over part, but am confused about the drop extra loops part. Can someone explain how to do this?


Are you trying to make a row of long stitches, like in the scarf below?

To do so, you knit a row of stitches like this: insert the right needle into the stitch as if to knit. Wrap the yarn around the right needle 4 times (or however many times to achieve the effect), pull the wrapped yarn through the stitch, just like you’re knitting the stitch (but with those extra loops on the needle). Repeat for every stitch on the row, for the scarf shown below. On the next row, knit (or purl) into the front loop that is easiest to knit, and let the remaining wrapped loops simply fall off the left needle. Continue in this way for the rest of the row. You should now have the same number of stitches you started with. Stretch the knitting a bit, to even out the stitches.

…Does this answer your question?


Yes, thanks! I’m going to print your instructions out and try it in a bit.


This is a fun scarf pattern, and easy to. It looks like it’s just 6 rows of garter stitch (knitting every row, back and forth), and on the 7th row, do an elongated stitch row. Repeat those 7 rows. It should go fast with all of the elongated stitches!